Travelling With Kids: The Country House Hotels in Greece

Travelling with children and as a family is undeniably rewarding: sharing the experience of foreign countries with your children, and watching their delight at discovering new, often exotic, destinations is unbeatable. The benefit of choosing a Country House Hotels, though, over self-catering accommodation, or cheaper all-inclusive resorts, comes into its own when children threaten to get tired or bored – the best hotels won’t even let it get that far.

Greece is an excellent example of a popular European holiday destination that caters brilliantly to parents travelling with children of all ages. Luxury hotels in Greece tend to offer outstanding facilities for families, from kids clubs to teen water sports breaks, and safe waters for swimming to splash pools and waterparks: the chances are that families will spend long, happy days in the sunshine.

Dedicated staff ensure that you achieve the perfect balance of quality family time with giving each enough space, taking decisions off the hands of busy parents, who deserve their own down-time on holiday. The benefit of choosing a luxury hotel is that everything is done for you, and that kids club staff are one step ahead, leaving you to enjoy your time away without worrying. The kids club at Mitsis Blue Domes, for example, allows children the chance to choose what they want on from their holiday, encouraging them to make new friends.

Outside of fun-filled days, it can be difficult to keep children happy, especially when it comes to food. While some children will revel in the opportunity to try new foods, there is no denying that children can be fussy or demanding. The brilliance of luxury hotels lies in the way that they offer a huge array of food options. Many resorts, such as Minos Palace Hotel in Crete offer an array of restaurants, including dedicated children’s menus to keep kids happy with familiar food, and plug the threat of any tears at tea-time.

Children will also be miserable if they don’t sleep well. Many luxury hotels in Greece, such as the El Greco Hotel in Santorini, offer excellent studio accommodation big enough for all the family – parents have their own space, but they give children the security of being close to their family. Luxury hotels are also generally quiet and peaceful by night, so the risk of being woken up by strange noises or loud music is minimal. Combined with the comfort of 5-star beds, children are guaranteed to sleep well – and will have no excuse to complain about springs in the mattress.

Family hotels in Greece are also perfect for families with teenagers looking for a taste of freedom in the Mediterranean. Luxury hotels like Mitsis Roda Beach Resort & Spa in Corfu, set over 25 acres, tend to be big enough to allow teenagers to do their own thing, and meet other people their own age, yet safe enough that parents are assured they can’t stray far: a win-win situation for keeping everyone happy. So too, no teenager is going to complain about being whisked away to a five-star hotel for a week – a good persuasion tactic!

Deciding on a destination for a family holiday is stressful, but plumping for luxury is well worth the money. Though getting a family through an airport, on to a plane, and out the other side may seem hectic, the knowledge of a private transfer to meet you, and a plush hotel waiting lets your luxury family holiday become a purely enjoyable experience – and if you can travel first class, your holiday begins at home.

Jacob Reeves is a travel writer and an expert in luxury hotels and Greece, making him well-positioned to advise on family hotels in Greece, luxury hotels in Greece, and all aspects of holidaying in the Greek islands.