Lindors Country House Hotel

Hi everyone its Anya here I’m back with another video for affiliate talks and today I’m walking in the grounds of the Lindors Country House Hotel and it’s fabulous it’s so nice and peaceful see and now the hotel should be behind me and I’m just gonna show you around so here we go so here we are at the entrance of the hotel this is where you drive down to the hotel the hotel itself is situated in the Y Valley and it is located near the Welsh border between Monmouth and chepstow and it was built in the late 1800s so it’s a charming nineteenth-century property and it is set in 9 acres of wooded gardens and it is very very quiet there the Welsh English border lands around lindell’s country house hotel are steeped in heritage and history there’s offers Dyck which is close by which I did a walk to there to the devil’s pulpit and the hotel itself is just just charming it is built so nicely it looks so peaceful it is tranquil where we are here it is very quiet and there are lots of waterfalls and pools in the gardens of the hotel and there’s a brook that leads sort of to the river wye and it’s yeah it’s a really really nice location and look at those trees it’s a gorgeous gorgeous Park around there which we will explore a little bit later but this is the front of the hotel looking over the valley of the river and why there are also lots of castles to be found and there’s also the majestic ruins of Tinton Abbey which I will show you in another video.

Here is a swimming pool and here are the cabins that you can rent as well so not only can you stay in the hotel but you can also rent a cabin and that’s exactly what we did so let’s go and explore the gardens so the house was originally built in the 1850s and this set in nine acres of wooded gardens on the English Welsh border now when we drive here we have to go into Wales and then we come back out again and then we reach the village of the hotel the village that’s closest to the hotels in Braunfels is a very small village and it doesn’t have any shops basically there is one little shop and it’s called the pantry and it has you know just milk bread and a few other necessities and we go and have a coffee there but other than that there’s nothing much around so as we have a self catering cabin I brought everything with us so I was fully prepared and so yes I was doing the catering which was really nice in that cabin because it has everything there and it made it nice and cozy so here we are at the back of the hotel I think this looks lovely and I do want to come back here in the summer because I think it looks glorious in the summer with all the greenery out and everything and so I am now heading into the gardens and I am going to explore the grounds and see if I can find the waterfall and the rivers and the books that go through that grounds and here we are looking at the stream that comes down right next to the hotel so it starts on the other side of the hotel you can see it there and they put some ducks in it the other day and they had a duck race so they put the duck scene at the top and then they run down and see which duck arrives first so that was quite funny but yeah this stream seems to come from from beyond the hotel and then I think it goes underneath the hotel nearly and it sort of races down to that pond over there so this is the top row showing you earlier when the water comes out of.

I’m now open you keep sort of that stream into the gardens aren’t they wonderful and they’re looking up at the clouds look at that glorious I’m really enjoying it here it was cold was rainy with sort of minute clear skies at some point but I still enjoyed it so very much so that’s the back terrace of the hotel so let’s go and see if we can do some more exploring in the grounds so I’ve just walked across the bridge there and I’m particularly looking at the huge trees there are here they are fabulous the Sun is just coming through the trees look at that look at this huge tree here lots of yew trees so yeah very very nice grounds very quiet obviously it’s you know still winter so the hotel doesn’t seem to be that busy although I think it is busy because we managed to book the last cabin so that was good but look at the look look at these trees look how big they are amazing and that water must be coming underneath the hotel through the garden so quite interesting to see that I am just trying to follow the path here because as all that it’s this water as well look these are the streams going in there and I can see a bridge here and I think this is where it ends so I’m gonna have to cross there but we’ll do that in a moment we’ll just go to the end here see what we can discover it’s been raining this morning so it’s a little bit soggy everywhere but it’s fine now the Sun is out so it’s great it’s cold but I’ve got my rallies on look at that here I’ll just see this it’s something from it’s a geocache from the hotel itself so that’s quite interesting.

I haven’t got I haven’t got a pen with me so I can’t sign in but I’ll come back and do that later oh dear yeah so let’s keep going it’s on private ground so that’s probably why it was so obvious so there’s lots of things here that can’t that I can see for children to find so I’m sure that that geocache is part of that as well so we’re now going across the bridge and let’s see if we can have a nice view of the hotel again one of the huge trees I can see it goes down here should we do that let’s go and get a nice view of the hotel first there we go look at that yep and there’s another bridge here gosh it’s it’s really riddled with look at that riddled with water here but lovely so nice okay so I’m gonna go back I’ll just show you this view here and now I’m going to go and explore further and I’ll see you there okay so I’ve turned back and I’m now going to explore further into the ground so further away from the hotel I can see over there there’s like a tennis court and a swimming and a swimming pool what am I saying a tennis field I think and a football field yeah so it goes down here look at that huge tree okay let’s see if we followed a path where we where we end up I think just near some more water here yeah go it must be really nice to come and explore here in the summer and it’s nice and warm there’s another brooch here goes down there and then over there over though it seems to meet the other one so yeah and then here I think it sort of ends or does it that’s a fence here so we’re not going to go there but let’s see well if I lose my way all I have to do yeah.

Oh careful is follow the footage records that’s funny isn’t it okay and we are going further away from the hotel but there’s some stepping stones here does this continue on here let me just take a picture perhaps um ma’am perhaps um Skrill that’s in my pocket maybe I should drop those ah I think this is nearly the end I can see a fence there yeah see this is the end of the property and this is what all the water comes together Wow quite amazing right so let’s get back shall I go over these stones here that’s gonna be fun isn’t it knowing me you will end up in the water okay let’s take a picture birth right am I ready for this okay right one foot on that one yep me wrong okay now we have to balance and oh look at that there’s like a carving of a flower on the actual stones okay let’s stir yep here we are very dangerous this knowing me the chances are I’ll end up in the river yeah that’s good that’s a good one and me uh yes I made it oh dear oh look I think this is like something children have built look a den no cozy look at that wonderful can you hear the sound of all that water rushing past I love it let’s go and have a look here oh wow this is a real race here look at that this is Robin Ovilus I’m trying to get a nice picture of myself to change my profile picture on YouTube so what do you think would this work you think with the river in the background okay so this is where we stopped filming earlier and after our Explorer in the woods further down below we’re now walking back up towards the hotel to see what other pretty pictures I can show you another footbridge and I think I can see something really nice I’m calling it the purple border that’s a pretty picture bring it a little bit closer.

Oh doing this with one hand is like impossible that’s better there we go I mean it must be really nice here in the summer really nice do you know I think that bench is inviting me so I’m gonna have a little sit-down here yeah Oh purple Heather lovely so I’ve left my seat and guess what I found some steps let’s go hold on don’t fall yeah I know I am prone to that yeah I was grown a little bit they are very narrow steps but we are here so that’s the view from above the purple border so on my way back to our cabin we are staying in one of the lodges and it is self catering so we had a lovely kitchen dining room and a sitting area with a lovely gas stove to warm us up there was also central heating and the bedrooms were really nice and clean and they were it was a very very cozy cabin and with the swimming pool next door it just made it really nice to stay there so thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video bye.